About Us

THINK FISH CLOTHING, a fashion clothing store with a logo that expresses your identity, because sometimes the simplicity of the surroundings creates a cool item that fashion lovers must find. just read the information 

       Fashion is a lifestyle indicator in a universal language. People around the world use fashion to drive themselves into society. Therefore, clothing and accessories play an important role in symbolizing society, culture and politics. Today (Think Fish Clothing.) The new 2022 clothing line is an alternative for anglers. And we use it as inspiration for your designs to stand out and express your personality.

  A Small Introduction

We have lots of experience! Fishing for more than 50 years around the world means that we know how important it is to be comfortable. Company owner and fishing expert; Mark Harrison comes from a bloodline of fishermen, he says, it's in his nature.His grandfather, Cyril Inwood, influenced past greats including Dick Walker and built up a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience that he passed from generation to generation. He loves to fish and wants it to be more family-oriented as he knows how much it brings people together. He doesn't stop thinking about fishing; that gave him the idea for the company name. He loves the sport and loves to see people fall in love with it also. His favourite quote, Think Fish, for the thinking angler!